After pursuing his studies in the American University of Beirut, Mr. Issam Darwish has received a Bachelor’s Engineering Degree in Computer Communications, where he took off as a frequent speaker at the industry’s public and academic events. Mr. Darwish started his career with Libancell SAL - One of the first mobile operators in the Middle East - and served as Network Manager, being the one who conducted the first mobile phone call in Lebanon.

Later then, he was appointed as the Vice Chairman and Director of projects at Lintel, an international GSM operator, taking the responsibility for global project implementation in West Africa and Middle East. After establishing his professional skills at Lintel, Mr. Darwish wanted to challenge himself and expand his experience in the field. In 1998, he joined CELIA Motophone Limited, Nigeria's first GSM operator, as its Deputy Managing Director, where he was responsible for setting budgets, recruitment, administration, project planning and implementation, procurement and contract negotiations. One of his most prominent achievements at CELIA was rolling out the GSM network to cover five cities within six months of joining the company.

Mr. Darwish is currently the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IHS Group, Africa’s leading mobile infrastructure company since 2001. Under his supervision, the company has built, managed, and owned over 10,000 tower sites in Africa. In addition, Mr. Darwish led the IHS to list on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and was instrumental in raising more than $700 million to support its growth across Africa and the Middle East.

With over 20 years of experience in the infrastructure industry and rolling out projects all over the world, Mr. Darwish has decided in 2010 to add to his portfolio another successful venture named Dar Telecom Consulting Ltd. The company occupies Mr. Darwish main interest today, where he never ceases to work on developing its capabilities enabling its team from running projects and investments in several regions like the Middle East, Africa, USA, and others.