Founded by Mr. Issam Darwish in 2010, Dar Telecom Consulting Ltd. made quite an entrance to the Management Consulting market in the US, bringing its competition to attention. The company later on expanded its scope of work to reach other markets outside the US, the thing that made it level up internationally. Dar Telecom specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions, Telecommunications, Information Technology, and other Management Consulting services; where it does not only offer the know-how, but also the experts to give your business a great boost.

DTC is also a strategic partner of UBC, which is an international Infrastructure Services Company, specialized in Telecommunications and Information Technology. Dar Telecom has given right on target consultancies for a large number of clients in a short period of time, and the reason behind this achievement lies in our business plan’s secret ingredient: Quality Service. Our primary goal is to bring other businesses the most diligent Management Consulting Services, so they can make critical, organizational decisions with more confidence.   


The future of Dar Telecom lies in integration; where we aspire to be a better prevailing consulting firm that integrates its diversified services into one complementary package that serves organizations’ needs around the world. By this means, we would be expanding our scope of services to cover each company with the right counsel for strategy setting, business expansions, market penetrations, fundraising, and more. We envision the name of Dar Telecom flashing as the best reference for Management Consulting, with its team of counselors that are always there to save the day.